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System Components


Central Display Unit

Guides the customer to the available cashier with audio and visual messages. Can also play media.



System software and media player.


Positional Display Unit

Identifies the cashier position.

Call Button

Call Button

Used by the cashier to alert the system that they are available.

Positional Display Unit (PDU)

Identifies the
cashier position.
  • Bright, full LED display
  • Large 8.25” x 6” size
  • Up to 99 positions

Central Display Unit (CDU)

Directs customers to the next available cashier.
  • Supports any HDMI display
  • 32” TV recommended
  • Speaker bar is optional

Feature Rich!

  • Plug & Play – No programming needed
  • Low system cost
  • Reliable long-term operation
  • High capacity up to 99 cashiers and 3 CDU’s
  • Bright, Large LCD Positional Display Units

Qbuster Vs Standard Checkout

  • QBuster
  • Standard Checkout

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